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Benefits of SSL Certificate


SSL Protects from Phishing Attacks

Securing your websites from these attacks is a must and the best way to do it is to have an SSL certificate on your website. Most phishing involves cloning an existing website and with SSL it is almost impossible to clone your website, which is an advantage.

SSL Protects Customer Data

SSL Certificate secures data which is in transit between the server and browser. SSL does not compromise in terms of customer's data, it keeps the information private and secure thus, helps in protecting the data from hackers and skimmers by turning them into an undecipherable format.

Increased Customer Trust and Revenue

The Pad lock which is a trust indicator, indicates that your website is secure and that it has implemented an SSL encryption. This is a visual indicator which ensures your customers to trust and believe the authenticity/security of your website and share their information on it.

Boosts Website SEO Rankings

In 2014, Google announced HTTPS Ranking Signal. Implementing SSL on your website will make your site secure and your browsers will show trust indicator (Pad Lock) in the address bar. This trust indicator will increase your website traffic and boost your ranking.

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